해외배송 For Overseas
    by 하플리 조선호랑이
    2021-06-29 14:29:23

    하플리&조선호랑이 제품들은 모두 해외 배송이 가능합니다. (via PAYPAL)

    [주문 방법]

    1) 홈페이지 회원 가입 후 무통장 입금으로 주문해주세요.

    2) 주문 요청 사항에 [성함/연락처/해외배송주소/페이팔 인보이스 받으실 메일 주소] 를 작성해주세요.

    3) 주문 후 채팅창에 [주문자 성함]과 함께 주문 연락을 부탁드립니다.

    4) 확인 후 페이팔로 결제 인보이스를 보내드립니다.

    5) 결제 확인 후 제품 입고 1주일 이내로 제품을 발송해드립니다. (우체국 EMS)

    6) 운송비는 3~5만원 사이이며, 운송비는 제품 출고 후 페이팔로 다시 요청드립니다.

    ✔️코로나19 상황으로 인해 배송이 최대 1달까지 소요될 수 있습니다.

    ✔️Please click the link below for English info.

    For Our overseas customers

    Thank you for loving us!

    We support overseas delivery.

    [How to Order]

    1. You can pay through PayPal.

    2. [Order Form]

    - Product Name: (If you don't know the name, please send me a picture of the product.)

    - Product options: (size, color)

    - Mail address: (We will send you a PayPal invoice to that email address.)

    - Receiver name:

    - Contact number: (Please enter the country code.)

    - Address: (Please write in English)

    If you would like to place an order, please fill out the form above and send it to 'HAPPLY KakaoTalk'.

    we will send you the invoice via PayPal after checking it.

    Please pay for the product first. You can pay for the shipping cost after the product delivery starts.

    3. We are sending the product quickly and accurately using the post office EMS.

    Delivery period varies from country to country because of COVID 19. (It takes about a month)

    4. We will send you the invoice for the shipping cost once again.

    The shipping fee is between 30,000 won and 50,000 won, and we would like to request the shipping fee via PayPal after the shipment. The PayPal receipt will be sent to the e-mail address you filled out on Form 2.

    5. If you want to exchange the product, you have to pay for the round trip shipping fee.

    If you have any questions, please contact us via Kakao Talk.

    The Global Mall will be available in the autumn of 2021. Thank you :)

    ✔️The above information is for customers who do not speak Korean.

    If you can use Korean, please proceed based on the order method written in Korean.

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